Meet The Master Baker

Throughout my career, I have always been in a customer service role even before opening my own baking business. I have always focused on building relationships, trust, finding out people’s needs, what is important to them, and delivering the results they expect. So, when I decided to make the jump to opening my own company, nothing changed. My beliefs remain the same.

I started baking when I was very young. I remember watching my mom make cookies, brownies, and cakes, and I always wanted to help. I enjoyed it. But, I really liked eating them. Nothing much has changed there either! LOL!

My Father’s parents lived on a farm and made everything from scratch. My grandma made all her bread from scratch DAILY…..(can you imagine?) as she had 9 children. How I wish I was a bit older and wiser at the time so I could have soaked in some of her knowledge of baking. Luckily, my mother did have her homemade dinner roll recipe which I do make to this day. Well, let’s be honest, back in the day they didn’t write any recipe down, they just did it. But, we got enough written down that they are still delicious!

As I got older I continued to bake and re-purpose some old family recipes into a more modern treat and make them my own. But, all those recipes began with our family foundations and wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Although, making up a new recipe from scratch is also a fun adventure. Like a few years ago when Hostess shut down and we thought we would never see a Twinkie or Hostess cupcake again. (Until another company bought them….ha!). But, in the meantime, I was determined to come up with my own version of a Twinkie and a chocolate and orange-filled cupcake. I must say, step aside Hostess…..I liked mine better! Don’t get me wrong, it took hours and several attempts to get the standards I was looking for.

So, as I mentioned above, with the guidance of my mother, I started baking at a very young age. I decided to take my baking skills to a new level in 2008 and opened KC Cake Couture. Mainly still baking for family and friends.

In 2010, I left Corporate America and became CEO of my own business. For those of you that remember that far back, the business name was Cake Couture. “Couture” is a fashion term that means something that was made exclusively for that client, or a one of a kind. Well, after several years of people mispronouncing the name and just not getting it, I decided to re-brand my name.

In 2015, we re-branded our company to “Your Dessert Diva”. Much easier to pronounce don’t you think? I wanted to give our image a sense of style still, but give it a name that people could remember and relate to.

Currently, Your Dessert Diva, has 4 members that sit on the “executive cabinet”- Dave (my husband) is the CFO (Chief Fetching Officer), Lauren (my daughter) and Jake (my son) are the CTO’s (Chief Tasting Officers) and of course myself (The Baker). Let me tell ya, nothing better than 2 teenagers giving you the absolute truth on their opinion of the baked goods. When they give the thumbs up is when I know it is ready for others to try!





I am a “cake snob”….Hands down the best cake and cookies ! You won’t be disappointed I promise. Our family used Marybeth for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary and my sons Graduation party! All of our guests loved the cake, cupcakes and the cookies. Thanks so much Marybeth!!

-Lisa Holst

Marybeth is simply the best. She will exceed your expectations in creativity, execution, and taste. Whether you give her specific detailed requirements or let her run wild with an idea her high quality, scratch ingredients will keep you coming back. She has the best sugar cookie, hands down, but I recently discovered her vanilla cupcakes and can’t stop thinking about them! I have ordered from her for everything from birthday cakes, to holiday treats, and promotional treats for work, she can do it all.

-Chris Smith

Marybeth always goes above and beyond! With every order, I send her an inspiration picture of a cake or cookie I like and she makes it exactly as the picture or even better than the picture! She makes pickup and ordering super easy too! Also, those round sugar cookies are my favorite sugar cookies of all time!

-Megan Dahm